Thomas and Gordon Reviewed (1/156)

Well, here we are, our very first episode of “Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends Reviewed” or “TTTE Reviewed” for short. Thomas was always a childhood favorite of mine, and I’m not talking about “Thomas and Friends”, HiT Entertainment’s lame excuse for children’s programming that was created when they bought over the Thomas brand. I’m talking about Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends, back when it wasn’t terrible. So, without further ado, let’s get into our very first episode, “Thomas and Gordon” or as it’s called here in America, “Thomas Gets Tricked.”

So first, the theme song. It’s a cute little intro with this nice piano music playing. It’s actually entirely made of footage from a future episode.

I'd like to see how they pulled off this impressive shot in the studio.

I’d like to see how they pulled off this impressive shot in the studio.

So, it starts with a short bio on Thomas that uses the word “stumpy” too much. We get it, Narrator. He’s a small engine. Then his eyes start spinning frantically for a few seconds. It sounds kinda creepy, but it actually looks kinda cute.

And so my childhood begins...

That’s why it’s scary.

Pretty much, Thomas is a tank engine who lives on the island of Sodor, an island that’s apparently not only inhabited by humans, but living trains as well. He’s a station pilot who’s trying to gain respect yet in his free time he likes to play tricks on the other engines. You can easily tell that he’s a “younger engine” because of his immaturity. By the time HiT purchased Thomas, he must’ve “grown up” because he’s much more mature and honestly not much fun to watch anymore. Apparently his favorite thing to do is to wake up Gordon, an larger (and seemingly older) engine, every day after he dozes off from pulling the express train.

Is that Ryan Seacrest?

I think I just saw Ryan Seacrest…

One day Gordon gets so ticked off he plots revenge on Thomas. That morning Thomas’ crew can’t get him to start, so Thomas shows up late to the station. When Thomas couples Gordon to his train, Gordon starts off so quickly that Thomas’ crew doesn’t get to unhook Thomas. Gordon takes off with the express and Thomas in tow. Woah, just hold up for a second. So, Gordon gets ticked off at some kid, so he decides to launch him at light speed. *sigh* Freaking trains, man.

Gordon knows what you did last night...

Gordon knows what you did last night…

At last they pull into a station. They finally let Thomas go, and you’ve gotta feel bad for him when he can’t even speak he’s so warn out. And then the episode just ends.

That looks like my teacher's face at the end of the day.

That looks like my teacher’s face at the end of the day.

This is a unique show because it teaches kids that there isn’t a happy ending to every situation. In the US, however, they make the ending a little more satisfying when the Narrator says, ” ‘Maybe I don’t have to tease Gordon to feel important,’ thought Thomas as he puffed slowly home.”

Another impressive set piece.

Another impressive set piece, but the backdrop sky is a little too obvious in this shot.

So, there’s are recap for today. Hope you enjoyed and thanks for reading! 🙂

-The Not-So-Fat Controller


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